GRS Website: Quick Tour

GRS Website: Quick Tour
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is a Green Ribbon School?
Q2: What is the national Green Ribbon Schools (GRS) program?
Q3: Why is GRS important?
Q4: How do I earn the GRS Award?
Q5: I am a TEACHER, how much time does this take?
Q6: How do I Start a Project on the GRS website?
Q7: How do I invite Students and others to my project (and what Roles are there within a Project)?
Q8: What is a Results Page?
Q9: How do I Publish a Results Page for a project?
Q10: Where can I see the Published Pages for my projects?
Q11: What is a GRS Community?
Q12: What is Healthivores?
Q13: Where can I get project ideas?
Q14: I need help where do I go?
Q15: How can I make sure I hear about all the Contests and promotions that GRS offers?
Q16: I am under 13 years of age; can I participate on the GRS website?
Q17: How do I find other GRS schools near me?
Q18: What are the 4 Cornerstones of GRS and what is a Category?
Q19: When is the GRS deadline for the year?
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