Green Ribbon Schools (GRS) is

Online Community

  • A no cost (free) online community where you can share ideas, receive mentoring, share lesson plans, ask questions, show off and be inspired.
  • A network of inspired people publishing the results of their impactful sustainability projects.
  • A place for teachers and students to connect and share with other teachers and students across their school and nationwide.
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  • An award program that recognizes schools and individuals who accomplish great things in the areas of sustainability and health.
  • A program that acts on research stating the significant impact that a connection to nature, physical activity, proper nutrition, and environmental education/awareness has on a child's health.
  • A great way to share your and your school's accomplishments around sustainability and being "green".
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  • A website that is approved for the school environment and helps facilitate and enrich the learning experience.
  • A great place to organize, view and keep a running archive of all the projects taking place across your entire school.
  • An innovative way to engage students through fun projects and contests, like Healthivores, that use technology to enhance their STEM, tech, college and career skills.
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