How to Earn the GRS Award

  • 1. Organize and Plan
  • 2. Start Projects
  • 3. Publish Results Pages

To qualify for the GRS award, your school must publish a Results Page for at least one project in each of the 4 cornerstones.

After the publishing deadline, the GRS Evaluation Team will review all published pages for your projects and designate award winners based on these criteria. Each published page must:
  1. include at least one image or video
  2. display actual results from the project (the more data the better!)
  3. explain your project in a way that other schools may use your published page as a guide for completing the same project
  4. when appropriate, align your project with the curricula standards for your state and include that information in your published page

Results pages that are just a short paragraph, with no actual results or information displayed, will not be accepted. We highly recommend publishing more than one results page per project when applicable (even one per student), and encourage that you start more than one project in each cornerstone.

GRS Award winners will be announced in September.