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Video Game Contest
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Refer to the LESSON PLAN and HOW TO VIDEOS to find out how to complete the below.

CREATE A GAME: Student(s) have created and published a completely working health based game on Gamestar Mechanic or other Game Design program/website (Lesson Plan: How to Create Games)

CREATE A RESULTS PAGE ON GRS: Student(s) have created a Results Page on the Green Ribbon Schools website (Lesson Plan: Create Results Page) that includes:

  1. The Game: use the embed code from Gamestar Mechanic (or html code from other sites) and embed into Results page using the Insert Game button
  2. The story or narrative behind the game: (example: Super Antioxidant Man wants to eliminate all of the free radicals in the human body. So he is put inside of a sick person's body to get rid of them all and collect all the antioxidants)
  3. The objective or goal of the game (examples: stay alive for x amount of time, get to the end goal by avoiding the bad guys, collect all of the apples in the level)
  4. The healthy eating, exercising and/or lifestyle choice lesson being taught with the game (foods that are high in sugar can turn into fat, antioxidants eliminate free radicals in the body and keep you healthy, exercising burns calories and makes you a smarter student, etc)
  5. The intended audience for the game (examples: other students, parents, everyone, etc)
  6. Pictures and/or Videos that support the healthy lesson being taught (examples: pictures of foods high in antioxidants, pictures of foods high and low in sugar levels, etc)
  7. Team Members: List the First Names of all Team Members who worked on this Game and GRS Results Page (teams should consist of no more than 3 students).

Note: Please do not use any copyrighted images, icons, brands, or names in your layout (such as McDonalds, Apple computers, Big Macs, etc.)

Example of a complete contest submission (published Results Page) here.

SUBMIT RESULTS PAGE TO TEACHER: Student(s) have submitted a completed Results Page to the teacher using the SUBMIT RESULTS button on the CREATE RESULTS page where they built their Results Page.

Teacher has Published the Results page(s) by March 31st at 11:59PM CST - publishing a page completes a submission (Lesson Plan: Publish Results Page)