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Turner vs. Evilman

By: yesenia

Turner is a boy that wants to be healthy.  He has to eat food points to become healthy but someone is trying to stop him.  That someone is Evilman.   Evilman and his army try to destroy Turner  and prevent him from getting  the points in time.  If Turner doesn't succeed in getting his health points, he will become very unhealthy causing him to lose life points and possibly die. 
Our message to everyone is that you should eat healthier and do more exercises so you can defeat anything that stands in your way.  If you are healthy than you are strong and can overcome any obstacle that comes your way.
[image] no soda
Soda is bad for you because it has a lot of sugar and  calories that you dont need .otherwise ,is bad for you if your diabetic. and its better for you to drink alot of water.
[image] exercise
 Exercising is important for you  because it helps your body get in shape  and it is good to work out and so you dont become obese. 
[image] junk food
This picture shows that the hamburger is unhealthy because it has a lot of grease and contains a lot of calories.  It also shows that vegetables are more healthier than a hamburger and that is important for you to eat everyday vegetales and fruits.
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