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cowboy veggie

By: gome212

This game is about how you need to avoid junk food.  It shows you how you need to be more active and energetic.  The game is about a hero named Cowboy Veggie who has to stay healthy so he can reach the star of success.  To get to the star, Cowboy Veggie has to stay on the golden road and defeat the junk food bandits along the way.  He uses exercises like running and jumping to reach the star.  With exercise and avoiding the junk food bandits, Cowboy Veggie can be successful.




Ice Cream is bad because it has a lot of sugar.  When you don't burn the sugar off, it turns to fat .

Vegetables are good because they are healthy and gives you energy.  Energy helps you be active.



Salads are good for your body because of all of its vitamins.

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