Project Ideas: Health, Fitness and Nutrition

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Health Education

Project Ideas
Help by partnering with you local Health Department's nutrition or health community outreach programs.
School/Staff Wellness
Teach staff and parents about health and nutrition- (ex. include scientifically-based articles on nutrition in PTA newsletter)
Read the Label Campaign
Teach essentials of nutrition labels in curriculum and school campaigns.
Media Blast
Use morning announcements, school newsletters and websites to provide weekly fitness, nutrition and health tips.
In Control Campaign
Inspire indiviuals to make healthy choices by building confidence that indiviudals are in control of many of their lifestyle decisions.
Health education in curriculum
Integrate health education in the classroom and model practices.
Eat This, Not That Campaign
Create awareness with student-created posters on best foods.
Community Health Campaign
Expand health education through opportunities at community events.
Best Practices
Employ best practices in health education based on districts identified needs.

Nutrition & Healthy Eating

Project Ideas
Healthy Foods Committee
Create a healthy foods committee, appoint leader and coordinate with district or campus SHAC.
Junk Food is History Campaign
Decrease or eliminate processed "junk food" availability including sales at school functions.
Nutrition knowledge assessment
Conduct evaluation of students knowledge of food and nutrition sciences at the beginning and end of school year
Nutritional Foods Audit
Evaluate nutritional services and ensure compliance with the USDA guidelines relating to foods of minimal nutritional value.
Seed to Plate (Tray) Program
Implement the schools garden harvest into cafeteria menu and at other school functions if possible.
Student Health Assessment
Measure students cognitive, behavioral, attitudinal changes related to nutrition and health education (CSHP)
Vegetable and Herb Garden
Involve students in Creating, harvesting and keeping a school vegetable garden or green schoolyard- indoor/ outdoor (helps increase nutrition knowledge and preference for vegetables)
Healthy Foods Campaign
Increase access to healthy foods in school (salad bars, implement healthy menu).
Fruits and veggies- more matters
Increase Fruit & Vegetable Consumption on campus
Adult Foodie School
Teach staff and parents about nutrition and food systems. Provide opportunities to learn through cooking demos showcasing healthy recipes, portion control and healthy menu planning, family health fairs, articles in PTA newsletter.
Community Garden
Team up with Community Garden and use a garden plot (if no facilities exist on campus) to start, harvest and teach from your interactive garden.
Community grocery or farm tours
Conduct Grocery store or farm tours
Drink More Water Campaign
Reduce or eliminate consumption of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages
Farm to Cafeteria
Implement/ partner with Farm to Cafeteria initiatives that benefit small farmers and provide fresh vegetables and healthy meals for students
Farmers market
Host community farmer's market at or near school grounds and encourage families to visit local farmer's markets. School can have a table at the farmers market. (Farm to School)
Food science in curriculum
Incorporate food science, cafeteria menu planning, and nutrition lessons into health/ science curriculum

Healthy Lifestyles

Project Ideas
Walk to School
Encourage walking to school
School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)
Ensure School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) (campus and district level) is in place and involve parents. Maintain contact with regional school health specialist (through CSHP) for support and communication with partners.
Pre-Lunch Recess
Incorporate recess before lunch because studies show it results in less food waste, less rush to finish lunch, and fewer behavioral problems.
Healthy Lifestyles Committee
Appoint a Healthy Lifestyles Chair/committee on PTA-PTO board.
Healthy Lifestyles at School
Implement a Healthy Lifestyles Program at school. Encourage healthy lifestyles at home with a plan that makes healthy choices easy and fun. Acknowledge and reward participation and progress.
Healthy Lifestyles at Home
Encourage healthy lifestyles at home with a plan that makes healthy choices easy and fun. Acknowledge and reward participation and progress.
Family Nature Groups
Encourage community and family walking groups, family nature groups
Develop/Use Hike and Bike Trails
Develop and/or utilize biking and hiking trails on campus and in community and encourage use
Barrier Bust
Identify the barriers and threats to healthy lifestyles in your community. Do a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) and move toward breaking down those barriers.
Campus Improvement Plan
Create and Conduct yearly review of CSHP goals in Campus Improvement Plan by Campus (or SHAC) Advisory Council (resource: Texas Action for Healthy Kids, SB 892)
Candy Free Fundraiser
Substitute healthy fundraisers for traditional approaches
Coordinated School Health (CSHP) Program
Coordinated School Health (CSHP) Program implementation (K-12) (campus or district level)

Fitness & Physical Education

Project Ideas
Wellness Breaks
Allow for 5 minute activity and wellness breaks in class and at beginning of day, frequently participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity (per CSHP)
Unstructured Play
Offer opportunities for children (K-8) to engage in unstructured, spontaneous play in an outdoor setting. Studies show children move more in these settings. Help reluctant children get started in fun, free play.
Student Health Pledge
Have students set and track short and long-term measurable personal fitness and nutrition goals and pledge healthy lifetime fitness and nutrition habits
Physical education in curriculum
Incorporate Physical education/ physical activity in the curriculum in accordance to TEKS standards at a minimum
Improve Fitnessgram Scores
Fitness Leaders
Appoint a fitness leader from faculty, parent group and student body.
Fitness Fidget & Fun campaign
Encourage movement and fitness within daily activities while walking between classes, sitting for long periods, doing chores. Make exercise a part of everyday movement.
Fitness Challenges
Participate in Marathon Kids/ Texas round up (or the many other options under resources)
Family Fitness and Fun Night
Organize a Family Fitness and Fun night
Classroom Challenge
Have each classroom submit a game idea and have a school challenge or keep a jar of game ideas and pull an idea out for impromptu fun. Try party games that require little equipment or household items but challenge muscles and coordination.
Adult Fitness School
Teach staff and parents about fitness- include (scientifically-based) articles on physical activity in PTA newsletter
Wellness Plan
Develop and comply to a school wellness plan
Texas Parks & Wildlife
Texas Education Agency
Blue Cross Blue Shield
TASC Student Council
Texas Dept. of Agriculture
Texas Children in Nature
Texas Computer Education Association