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Project Ideas
Alternative Energy Source
Establish alternative energy sources such as: Wind Turbines and Solar Panels.
Use of Fluorescent or LED light bulbs/lights
Switch all lightbulbs to fluorescent and/or LED bulbs.
Student Proposals for Green Energy Design at School
Develop student proposals on structural issues: green roof, sustainable design, etc.
School Energy Audits
Conduct an audit of the energy used at your school this month, for base lines and ongoing analysis
Lights-Off Campaign
Conduct a campaign to ensure that the lights are off when a room is not being used.
Explore Wind Energy
Energy Vampire Audits
Conduct energy vampire audits. Energy Vampires are appliances and lights that are left on when no one is using them. Examples would be computers, TVs, lights.
Energy Conservation Awareness Program
Develop a program to Promote Energy Conservation at your school. Reveal the types of waste that are occuring and offer ways to solve the problem.


Project Ideas
Water Conservation Awareness Program
Develop a program to Promote Water Conservation at your school. Reveal the types of waste that are occuring and offer ways to solve the problem.
Student Proposals for Water Recycling Programs
Develop student proposals on water reduction and water recycling campaigns.
School Water Audits
Conduct an audit of the water your school is using each month.
Rain Water Harvesting
Implement rainwater harvesting
Infrastructure Drip Audit
Check the faucets, water fountains, and all other water sources in your school to see if they are leaking or dripping. Ensure that your school fixes these leaks and drips. According to the USEPA, a leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water each year.
Calculate Water Footprint
Calculate your school's Water Footprint.


Project Ideas
Transportation Carbon Footprint Audit
Conduct a school transportation carbon footprint audit.
Student Proposals on Green Transportation Alternatives
Implement bike to school programs
Implement Safe Routes for Biking and Walking
Encourage the use of buses and walking
Carpooling Program
Establish carpool programs for school events.
Bike To School Program
Implement safe routes to schools for walking and riding bikes
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Project Ideas
Toxic Chemical Cleaners Reduction Program
Develop a program to reduce and ultimately replace all toxic chemical cleaners with greener and healthier alternatives
Toxic Chemical Cleaners Audit
Conduct audit of toxic cleaning chemical used at your school.
Student Proposals for Pollution Reduction Strategies
Have students develop proposals for actions the school can put in place to reduce pollution.
Operation Styrofoam Free
Establish program to remove Styrofoam from the cafeteria.
Establish NO-IDLE Zone
Establish a "no idle zone" in your school parking lot, where cars must turn off their engines when parked and waiting.
Air Quality Test
Conduct an air quality base line test at your school in several different rooms.


Project Ideas
Waste-Free Lunch Days
Conduct a waste-free lunch day once per month
School Recycling Program
Implement a recycling program
Purchase of Recycled Materials
Purchase recycled materials for use in the school.
Paper Use Reduction Program
Reduce the amount of paper used each day at your school.
Operation No Bottled Water
Promote a "use tap water" program instead of bottled water. Encourage people to have a washable bottle that can be refilled every day.
Non-Recyclable Materials Audit
Conduct an audit of the non-recycleable materials used at your school. Non-recycleable materials are items like: Styrofoam, food soiled plates and napkins, and greasy pizza boxes. Then develop ways to reduce use of these items or even replace them with recycleable alternatives.
Great Locker Cleanout Program
Conduct an end of the year "great locker cleanout". Be sure to recycle anything that can be recycled.
Electronics Recycling Program
Establish a recycling program for hazardous electonic waste like: computers, cell phones, and batteries.
Composting Program
Implement composting program.
Charity Reuse Collection Program
Develop recycle/reuse collection day for charity, such as an athletic shoes or old jackets collection.

Green Spaces

Project Ideas
Water-Wise Landscaping
Plant low water use plants such as native plants, which also attract native wildlife.
Vegetable and Herb Garden
Create vegetable and herb gardens
Outdoor Exploration Area
Create outdoor exploration areas such as ponds, butterfly gardens, or bird observation areas (houses)
Outdoor Classroom
Create an outdoor classroom using natural spaces and places to sit for students to work, read and reflect.
Nature Playscape
Create a nature playscape by bringing natural elements and green spaces into the playground.
Community Garden
Create a community garden
Classroom Plant Life Program
Establish "green inside" by developing a program that gets plants into each classroom to help filter the air
Butterfly Garden
Plant a butterfly garden at the school, local community center, hospital or nursing home for all to enjoy.
Wildlife Habitat Project
Create wildlife habitat on the campus or nearby areas.
Texas Parks & Wildlife
Texas Education Agency
Blue Cross Blue Shield
TASC Student Council
Texas Dept. of Agriculture
Texas Children in Nature
Texas Computer Education Association