Exploration and Play

Exploration and Play Exploration and Play
To understand and appreciate nature, we must step outside into it. By getting outside to enjoy and explore nature, we become more aware of how each of us is connected to it individually and as a community.

Activity Ideas
Daily Free Time Outdoors
Opportunity for daily (non-organized) free time/play outdoors.
Creative Arts
Encourage outdoor creative exploration, improvisation and expression, i.e. maze/shelter/sculpture-building, rock/sand-painting, imaginary games and play, nature journaling/sketching, outdoor theater, dance, music
Nature Journals
Journal about the local habitat and the species that live within by observing, tracking, drawing and writing impressions and reflections.
Nature Playgrounds
Provide and encourage nature exploration with nature natural systems learning activities in playground and school yard activities. Examples may include: stream tables, bird boxes, natural and found material play areas.
Restoration project
Provide opportunities for youth and students to enhance, restrore and create habitat through clean-ups, planting native plant scapes, adopting a watershed, etc.
Field trips and guided explorations in natural areas
Plan your extracurricular activities outdoors at a park, nature center, farm, creek or trail.
Promote a day, a week, orÉ of disconnect-time. No TV, computer games, etc.
Green Hour Programs
Encourage youth and families to spend at least one hour outside everyday
Family Nature Club
Start a family nature club with friends and neighbors.
Nature-Based After-School Programs
Provide environmental activities for a local after-school program or day camp. For example, these could be organized activities, student-led or supervised unstructured play.


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