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Video Game Contest
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Proposed Schedule

Depending on game design experience and ability for students to work at home, this schedule could take as little as 1 week. Example schedule based on a daily class/after school meeting of 1 hour

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Week 1

Section 1: Step 1

Getting Your Technology Requirements taken care of

Section 1:Step 2
Section 1:Step 3

Teacher registers on Green Ribbon Schools and starts Healthivores project
Use this day to address any technology requirement issues or move to next Section

Section 2: Step 1

Teacher Reviews health Resources and Projects and begins discussing with students
Continue Health discussion and projects with students

Week 2

Section 2: Step 2

Completing the Health discussions and projects

Section 3: Step 1
Section 3: Step 2
Section 3: Step 3

Everyone gets registered on Gaming site and starts Tutorials
Complete game site registration and start tutorials.

Section 3: Step 3

Tutorials Continued

Section 3: Step 3

Tutorials Continued

Week 3

Section 3: Step 3

Tutorials Continued

Section 3: Step 3

Tutorials Continued
Students complete game site tutorials.

Section3: Step 4

Student Teams get together and plan game

Section 3: Step 5

Student Teams Start building Game

Week 4

Section3: Step 5

Student Teams Finish Building Games and Publish them on game design site
Use this day to complete design and publish of games.

Section 4: Step 1

Section 4: Step 2

Teacher registers on GRS and starts Healthivores project (if not completed in Section 1: Step 2 and Step 3)
Teacher INVITES students to project!

Section4: Step 3

Students build their Results pages on Green Ribbon Schools (upload images and videos, type text and embed game)

Section 4: Step 3

Students finish building their results page on GRS and Submit to teacher.

Week 5

Section 4: Step 4

Teacher Reviews all Submitted Results pages on GRS and Publishes them.
FINAL DAY for last minute edits to students GRS pages or late submissions to teacher for publishing approval


Review the Submission Checklist in the Toolkit to be sure all Submissions are complete.