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April is Earth Month. Do something good for the earth this April and compete in the Green Ribbon Schools Earth Month Challenge. We have four unique challenges this year and four chances to win prizes for your school. If that isn't enough incentive than consider that if you complete the Cornerstone Challenges and the Healthivores Video-Game Contest, or any Health & Fitness Cornerstone activity, you'll earn your Green Ribbon Schools award.

We've got almost $5,000 in great prizes to give away to eight deserving K-12 schools. The judges will be choosing the two best submissions for each Cornerstone Challenge. The activities that you publish could have been completed at any time during the school year, or in the month of April. (Please check our FAQ page for more details if you've already published activities you'd like to submit.)

So, check out the four Cornerstone Challenges - Recycling, Energy, Natural Classrooms and Nature Adventure - and get started. Just remember that your activities need to be published by May 15 to be considered.