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Bill and the Mountain

By: john1012

This is a game about  a guy named Bill who wants to get up a mountain.  During the game he finds a cave where he discovers something unexpected. All we can say is that they want to sell him a giant cheeseburger. Their names are Mr. Cheesy, Saturday, Smirker, and friends. Eventually, you find a magic suit that allows you to shoot. Now you have what it takes to defeat the Cheesy gang.

[image] cheeseburger gross

Too many cheeseburgers can be bad for you.  It is bad because it is very greasy and full of fat. This is what you have to avoid to survive.

Unhealthy foods are chocolate, fries, burgers, ice cream, cookies, and chips.

Fruits are healthy because they help the body get the vitamins and nutrients they need.  Apples can help lower the risk of lung cancer.  For our game, you have to collect fruits to win and have enough energy to get home.  Good foods are grapes, strawberrys, bananas, oranges, kiwis, blueberries, salad, and pears.

We hope you learn that fast food all of the time is not good for you, but several servings of fruits and vegetables everyday can make you healthy.

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