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Tubby Tim Park Adventures

By: jimmy6075

Tubby Tim is not very small at all. But he is trying to do something about it.  He is trying to meet his friends at the park to play football because he knows that exercising will make him "not so Tubby Tim".  In our game you play Tubby Tim, and you have to avoid the unhealthy bad guy characters who are trying to keep you from getting to the park and talk you into eating unhealthy food.  As long as you avoid the the bad influencer guys and get to the park you will be a winner.

The lesson we are trying to teach with our game is that exercise and eating right is important. Apples, carrots, and bananas are examples of healthy food.  To avoid being Tubby we want to teach that you should get outside and play sports with your friends and eat these types of nutritious foods to stay healthy and grow up strong.


[image] junk foodEating junk food is not good for you. It can cause you to gain wait and be obese.  Fried food is very unhealthy and contains a lot of salt.  Healthy foods like bananas are good for your body because they have potassium which  is important to the heart, kidneys, and muscles.

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