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Remembering Food

By: IACP Kids

by Jessica, age 12

[image] Jess - Remembering Food






On the night before Memorial Day, my aunt and I stayed up really late remembering our favorite foods -- and sometimes just foods that could be kind of weird.


We thought of funky combinations of flavors. We talked about some delicious sweet-and-salty snacks, like a vanilla milkshake with French fries dipped into it. By the way, this is one of my all-time favorites -- especially after swimming on a hot day!


We also talked about other cool combinations, like salt on lemons (which my mom loves). We think it's because the salt enhances the flavor of the tangy lemon slice.


Me and my aunt also talked about backwards meals. For example, you could have dessert before your meal at dinner time or eat breakfast for dinner. I actually love to eat pancakes and eggs for dinner or cold pizza for breakfast. As for dessert, it's good anytime.


We also talked about combining a bunch of foods into a sandwich. We said that you could put some of the side dishes into the sandwich to add more flavor. My dad used to go to a restaurant in New Jersey and got a sandwich with pastrami, coleslaw and French fries all stuffed into the fluffy bread.


At home, you can also be really creative with flavors. I like to make a creative smoothie with fruit, yogurt and more. My babysitter Katelyn sometimes cracks eggs into her smoothie to make the texture thicker. (Kids should not eat raw eggs, though, so if you want a thick smoothie, add ice cream instead.)


As you can see, my aunt and I really enjoy food!


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