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Our Popover Disaster!

By: IACP Kids

by Lia (age 13) and Oliva (age 11)


 [image] Popover

We decided it was time to create a brand new family food tradition! We love to cook but we already know how to make a lot of the recipes from our family.


To find new ideas we looked through lots of cookbooks. The recipe we thought was the coolest was for something called popovers.


Popovers got their name from what happens when they bake. In the oven, the batter puffs up and pops over the baking cups so you get beautiful golden brown balloons.


In England, you can eat popovers for tea. You can also have them for dinner with roast beef. In this case, they're called Yorkshire Pudding. Sort of funny because they are not pudding at all. But English recipes are like that.


So we made our popovers using a recipe from a famous chef. We will not tell you who because they turned out gross.

 [image] Popovers Yuck

It's true that the batter puffed up and was golden and brown. However, the popovers were so salty we gagged on them.


We love the idea of popovers though, so we'll find a better recipe and try again. :) Stay tuned!!!!!

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