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A Pretty ‘Cool’ Snowman

By: IACP Kids

by Sydney, age 14


[image] sydney snowman

Imagine sitting by a frosty window and watching the white snow gently fall to the ground. A fire nearby gives off a warm ambiance, you’re bundled up in a cozy sweater and fuzzy socks, and of course, to top it all off: sipping a cup of brimming hot chocolate with gooey marshmallows. You hear the distant and familiar holiday carols, sung by people full of joy. The house is full of ornate decorations and a gorgeous tree, which sends fresh evergreen scents wafting through the air. Then you hear the dog bark, the doorbell ring, and soon enough, friendly smiles and gestures from afar greet you.

It couldn’t get any better, because it really is the most wonderful time of the year. However, if you are in South Florida; then there is no sitting by the fireplace after a fantastic snowball fight during the holidays.

In the northern hemisphere, some children make snow angels in their backyards, and others make sand angels on the beach.

In South Florida, snow is extremely rare because of the proximity to the equator. A cold front brings below average temperatures sometimes, but not often. The holidays mean going boating, paddle boarding, kayaking, or even surfing, at local waterfronts. Instead of sledding down a steep hill, most kids skateboard down sidewalks. Evidently, Winter in South Florida is a ‘polar’ opposite from Winter up North.

The snowman pictured above was made from scratch, by my very own creative Mother: Executive Pastry Chef, Michelle Walsh.

This delectable snowman dessert was made with salted caramel praline bomb ice cream, lemon meringue ice cream, and fresh raspberry gelato.The ice cream was formed into different sized balls, then coated with white chocolate, and the balls were stacked upon each other to form an adorable edible snowman. The snowman was then decorated with colorful fondants to create the signature hat, buttons, and carrot nose. Miniature detailed Christmas cookies were added to the plate as a fun confetti decoration.

This snowman dessert was delicious, and great with ice cream to cool off from a hot day in South Florida. This snowman wasn’t exactly a freezing Frosty the Snowman, but he was still pretty ‘cool’, and a unique addition to a holiday dinner.

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