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Sauerkraut Isn't Sour!

By: IACP Kids

by Katrina, age 11


[image] sauerkraut


My family loves sauerkraut. Sometimes we buy it in a jar at the store, but we make it at home whenever we can.


It sounds like it would be sour but it isn't. You take cabbage, carrots and apples and mix them with a brine, then let it sit in a jar on your countertop or wherever. This is called fermenting.


After a while, everything gets soft and tender. It tastes almost like it was cooked but its still a little crunchy.


All I can tell you is it tastes so good! You have to try it!


P.S. My picture turned out really bad so I am using one my friend Maurine took. She is a very amazing cook and also a poet who wins prizes!

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