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Homemade Tortillas

By: IACP Kids

by Julianne, age 12


[image] jul tortillas

I love tortillas. If you asked me a while ago, I would tell you that they come from a store or restaurant. But now that I've tried them made from scratch, I would tell you it's the only way to go.


My friend Alicia's mom made them for us using fresh masa and a wooden tortilla press. Everything is done by hand. You mix the dough, flatten it in the press and then cook it on griddle that's called a comal.


When the tortillas are cooked, you can eat them plain or fold them around cheese, meat, lettuce, beans, guacamole and anything else you like. I never knew what a real taco tasted like before.


To make tortillas, you have to take your time with the dough, then be really fast cooking them and turning them.


This is the way Alicia's family has always made tortillas...and now it's going to be mine.

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