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HWH Results Page

By: greyowl787


The Game: 



The Story: 

  You have been enrolled in The Academy of Health, and you will be

 guided by a robot to learning about health.


The Goal of the Game:

  Graduate from The Academy of Health and teach others what you learn!


The Health Lesson in the Game:

    The Immune System, Cancer Cells, Bones, Vitamin A, Strep Throat, Obesity, Fresh Foods VS Fast Foods.


The Intended Audience: 

    3rd-6th grade students.





Help With Health Video
by: greyowl787

Team Members:

    Teacher: Susan

    Student 1: Alice

    Student 2: Bernice

    Student 3: Reyna





Cheat Sheet (ONLY if you need it):

Vital Vitamins:


1. None. (Peanut Butter and Chicken Soup both do not have Vitamin A.)


2. William Fletcher. (Marie Curie did not Discover Vitamin A.)


3. 1947. (Vitamin A was not synthesized in 1939.)


4. Life. (Vita- Does not mean health.)


Eat It All:


1. Apple. (French Fries are Fast Foods, so they are not healthy for you.)


2. Orange. (Bananas give less calories than oranges.)


3. Meat Loaf. (Chicken Nuggets give less protein than meat loafs.)


4. Beans. (It may surprise you, but Beans actually give more calcium than strawberries)


Quick Test:


1. Apples. (French Fries are NOT HEALTHY FOR YOU.)


2. False. (Just because it is good for you doesn’t mean that it’s going to taste bad!)




1. Eat an Apple. (The Other Three choices will not help the man get better.)


Fresh VS Fast:


1. Cabbage


2. Apple


3. Bread


4. Chicken


5. Corn


6. Crab


7. Salmon


8. Pumpkin


9. Beef

Final Exam Hint: Every Question’s answer is in this game.


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greyowl787 says...
Thanks, jessie586! Grin
28th April 2013 11:22am
jessie586 says...
A project self-organized by 5th graders... way to go!
28th April 2013 7:14am
jessie586 says...
A project self-organized by 5th graders... way to go!
28th April 2013 6:01am
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