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DIY Fun with Flower & Dough

By: doofkids

by Lia (age 11) and Olivia (age 9) and Lola the Puppy

 [image] flowerdough

We love dough and flower! (Okay, we know it is really spelled flour, but it is so amazing that we had to call it flower in the title.)


We do not know why we love flour so much, but it is a lot of fun to play with. We want to make a house out of dough and have all the rooms filled with flour.


Did you know that there are things inside flour called glutens?


Well, when you make dough for tortillas or pizza crust, you want to work the dough a lot so the glutens will wake up. This will make the dough all stretchy and chewy. That is perfect for tortillas!


But if you are making cookies from scratch, you want to mix the dough slowly after you have added the flour. That is because if you wake up the glutens, your cookies will be chewy and stretchy. Yuck!


There is this thing called yeast that you put in bread. It makes the bread rise by eating stuff in the flour and then burping to make air bubbles for fluffy bread. But it takes a very long time.


If you have never turned flour into dough, get your measuring cups and add water. Dough will stick to your hands until you wake up the glutens!


If you like flour and dough as much as us:




Always remember to treat your dough and flour well (ha ha!).


We love the power of flour and dough!

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