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Super Spaghetti & Meatballs

By: doofkids

by Olivia, age 10


[image] kidswithpasta

Since we got to know our friend Laura and she promised to teach us to how to make pasta, we wanted to make pasta with her and teach her how to make our family's special meatballs.


 First my brother Adam and I made the dough balls. It was TONS of fun!


We put water in flour and added some salt, then mixed it all up until it turned into dough. Then we let the balls sit for about 20 minutes. When that was finished, my brother and I had to stretch the dough, while our dog Lola darted around us.


First we had to put it through the pasta through the rollers in the KitchenAid mixer about ten times each, then more times through thinner settings until the dough was stretched so thin you could almost see through it. Then we used cutters to turn the stretched dough into raw linguini noodles. It was so fun!


Here's how we made the noodles. We took the rollers off the mixer and put in the cutters. We put the stretched dough through the cutters and caught the cut dough and then you have noodles.


Then we started boiling the noodles. Fresh noodles only take about five minutes to cook.


We added sauce and our sister Lia's meatballs and we had the best dinner EVER!


[image] kidswithpasta


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