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Britt's Avocado Brown Rice Salad

By: gerryana

[image] BrownRice Salad Ingred


by Brittany A., age 11


I am a vegetarian and I like salads. I eat them at restaurants in salad bars alot. What I like best are all the colors and getting to put in whatever you like and however much you like of it.


For this project I had my Mom help me cut up my very very very favorite green vegetable. It is an avocado! I also like tomatos and lemons so I wanted those to be in my salad too. This salad was for my dinner. To give it more nutrition I put my vegetables on some brown rice. I tried to make them look pretty. These pictures are of the ingredents and then the salad before I mixed it all up. It was delicious!


[image] Brown Rice Salad

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