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My Dream Desserts

By: maccooks

by Ashlyn, age 11

When I grow up, I want to be a pastry chef. That is the kind of professional baker who makes fancy desserts at nice restaurants. Right now I do not know how to bake, but my goal is to learn this summer when I stay at my grandma's.


For this blog I took pictures of desserts at my favorite bakery where Chef Jamie makes everything taste so good. As you can see they all use fruit in different ways. Chef Jamie says that desserts are the last thing you eat and so you remember them most. That's why they have to be so good!


[image] fruit tarts

The most important thing is to start with good ingredients and then really be careful about measuring and doing everything else the way the recipe says to. Things should also taste good and look good.


[image] fruit parfaits


If possible they should be healthy but desserts are healthy as long as you eat small portions and play sports. Fruit is the healthy ingredient in this desserts. I know gummy bears aren't but they are so cute! Chef Jamie says that they are a good garnish. That is the thing you put on at the very end for a finishing touch.


[image] gummy bear desserts

Anyway, I hope you like my photos!

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