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Fat and You


The Story: In this Game, you eat way to many apples, and you get fat. You must go through three grusome levels in order to beat this game.

Objective: In this game, you must answer questions, collect all of the points, eat all of the apples, and make it to the goal block without losing all of your health or energy points.

Audience: ages 10 and up

Team Members: Ju Han, Cameron

Health Lesson: All are said below

[image] Health 2



1. You + Healthy  Food = Healthiness

2. Healthy You + Exercise = Extreme Health and Happiness

3. You + Unhealthy Food = Overweightness

4. Overweight You + Laziness = Obesity

5. You + Too Much Food = Overweightness

6. Overweightness – Unhealthy Food = Weight Loss

7. Overweightness + Healthy Food = Weight Loss

8. Overweightness + Exercise = Weight Loss


Have you ever heard of the saying ‘Too much of a good thing is a bad thing’? That is exactly what this game is about. In this game, you play a character that eats too much healthy food. Too much healthy food can be just as bad as fattening food. To make up for being overweight, there are many things that you can do to lose weight or to just become healthier in general. One thing you can do is get rid of unhealthy food, or laziness. Another is to eat healthier and to get more exercise. That is why in this game, you have an energy bar. You need to stay active in order to not die.




[image] Health

In this picture, your average individual spots some French fries. Sadly, looks can be deceiving. He finds out what is in the fries: Junk. The people that make foods like this fully know what they put in their food, they just make it so you come back for more, unaware of what is in the food. Did you know that some chicken nuggets contain dextrose, chicken broth, Aluminum phosphate and calcium lactate. All of these things are terrible for you. Some chicken nuggets are only 44% chicken! We must watch what we put into our bodies, or else we must suffer the consequences.



[image] Healthiness Yea Foo

In this picture, you can see that this man didn’t feel well when he went for a jog. This is because he didn’t eat anything the whole day. When you don’t eat for an entire day, you don’t get the energy that you need for the day. When you go to exercise, you must eat something first. Then you must wait for a little bit, and then you must go. This is because it is easier for you to digest when you are not moving. You get the energy you need from something called calories. Calories are basically the fuel that we need to exercise. Just like a car needs gas to drive, we need calories to exercise. When we run, our body is constantly breaking down the calories to get the energy that we need. If we don’t eat and then exercise, our stomachs will try and find something to break down, so it slowly, yet not very harmfully will break down on itself. This will cause your stomach to hurt. Even though calories can do a lot for us, we must learn to break them down after eating them, because if we don’t break them down, we will slowly start to become unhealthy, so we must burn the calories after we eat them.

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psherrill says...
Cryingwhy i cant win why, its cuz its boss tht way
3rd April 2013 3:13pm
abbys says...
The game was fun and it related to the theme, but some of the grammar was confusing at times. Overall it was really good! HuhLaughTongueGrinScared
3rd December 2012 2:43pm
abbys says...
Lovely game, it hade a lot of facts and stuff. The comics were a little random yet factual. The game fit the health lesson perfectly on every level. The grammer was not perfect however. but a good game all in all even if the last level made me want to scream.Scared
3rd December 2012 2:29pm
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