Project Title: Green Meadows Farm
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Green Meadows Farm


The first graders have been learning about how we care for God's gifts of creation this year. A highlight of their learning was a trip to Green Meadows Farm in Kissimmee. Students were in an ideal country-learning environment and were able to interact and learn about farm animals by touch, sight, smell and sound; it is truly a sensory learning experience. Students had an opportunity to milk a cow, hold chickens and ducks, feed goats and sheep, and ride a horse. At the end of the day they enjoyed a hayride. They left the farm with fond memories and a greater appreciation for God's wonderful creatures.

                                                Mrs. Hymel's first graders enjoying the farm

                      [image] BOY-Ms Hymels class


[image] group-Ms Hymels class


[image] Ms Hymels class 2 students petting goat


                                                 Mrs. Kniepmann's first graders enjoying the farm

[image] Ms Kniepmanns group


[image] Ms Kniepmanns class petting animals


[image] Ms Kniepmanns 2 students

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