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The Hungry Games

By: yasmineso

Story: In the game you play the roles of Pastry and Fatniss on their race back to health from the accident they made of eating too much
unhealthy food and being lazy.  However, becoming fit cannot
take long because they need to be eqipped and prepared for the Hungry Games occuring  right now! The
only way for them to get healthy and survive the Games is by eating the right foods and exercising while
avoiding fatty foods and other unhealthy distractions during the Games.

Objective: The objective of the game is to pick up healthy
foods and avoid fatty foods along the way and to make it to the goal block
before time runs out.

Audience: This game is meant for young children to enjoy and it
and the lesson of the games is meant for teenagers to make the right choices in their own

Team Members: Yasmine, Abby, and Erin

Roles: Yasmine is the story and narrative developer, Abby is
the game developer, Erin is the layout developer.

Health Lesson: The lesson of the game is to make right
choices in real life whether it is the right foods or right forms of exercise.

 [image] healthy food


Apples and your Health 

 An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Apples are not only
delicious, easy to carry for snacking, low in calories, a natural mouth
freshener, and very inexpensive, they are also good for your health and keeps doctor checkups limited. It contains a large amount of vitamin C and they do not taste bad! Apples can be sweet, tart, soft and smooth, or crisp and crunchy, depending on the one you choose.


                                                           [image] apples



[image] running


Running is very healthy thing you can do for your body. It is good if you have cholesterol problems and it will help you get into
shape and get fit. It burns fat and creates muscle while helping your heart
become healthier.

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