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Earth Week

By: mrbycott

Earth week was a school wide spirit week that was geared toward the student body and the school faculty. The goal was to raise awareness as well as to inform the masses about recycling and other aspects of the Green movement. Through surveys we became aware of a lack of awareness and recycling all around school. This spirit week gave students the opportunity to participate in activities which made this a successful Earth week.

As a class we had proposed a solution to make an event throughout the week that promoted recycling and increase awareness for the Green Movement. This proposed solution was derived from a need to join the Green movement and create a more efficient school. In order to make this possible we created activities and theme days to promote recycling and consciousness of the problems facing the school in hopes it would reach the students and enlighten them to the desire we already felt toward our school and Earth.

To ensure a successful week, we divided into groups and brainstormed ideas from a variety of students in order to accomplish what we envisioned for Earth week. After collecting our ideas we had to obtain approval from both the administration and student council. We conducted a meeting with both of these groups and we were met with enthusiasm from both. While speaking to administration they called to our attention an issue concerning our plan to have a day where students met at the park next to our school in hopes of having them to walk to school as a group in order to symbolism our unity as a school and their individual support for our program. Unfortunately, it became obvious that our plan was un-accomplishable due to the lack of security the school could spare, but we were able to adapt and formulate a new, more realistic idea.

On Monday our theme was Outdoor Activities for which the students dressed the way they would during an outside activity or in athletic attire. During both lunches we had a basketball recycling game to go along with our theme, which students had to have knowledge in what is and isn’t recyclable. Tuesday was Hippie Day and students were to dress as Hippies and a fashion show was conducted at lunch to acknowledge the Hippiest dressed student. Wednesday was Wear Green day and for lunch we had a sorting game where students sorted what was recyclable and what wasn’t. On Thursday students dressed up as their favorite animal in order to express awareness that the Green movement is more than just recycling and money. This day helped put a face to the movement for many students. Finally, Friday was School Spirit day in which students dressed head to toe in green and gold to show school support.

As a result of our careful planning and diligent work we were able to accomplish an increase in awareness throughout our high school. This was a great start on moving our school toward a more efficient existence. Due to our hard work and persistent attitude we were able to establish this week long celebration and create something that future classes at our school could continue to use in order to ensure that the school is constantly moving more and more to a more environmental and financial efficient existence.

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