Project Title: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
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Schoolyard Scavenger Hunt

By: butcherr

 [image] Outdoor classroomjp        [image] insect discovery in  

Title of Lesson:  Schoolyard Scavenger Hunt     

 Grade level: K-1st    Subject Area: Science   Subject Specific TEKS:

TEKS 01SC02:  ask questions about organisms, objects, and events observed in the natural world.


list of items for scavenger hunt, pencils, magnifying glasses, binoculars


The student will discuss the importance of time outside in nature and understand the benefits of increased exposure to the natural world by participating in a scavenger hunt.


Teacher role:

  • Explain what Green Hour means
  • Alert students to not disturb/destruct nature when doing the scavenger hunt.
  • Give directions to scavenger hunt and take class outside.
  • Engage in conversations with students about their discoveries.

Student role:

  • Choose a partner for the scavenger hunt.
  • Go on the scavenger hunt.
  • Give feedback about their discoveries – What was easy to find?  What was difficult to find?


student participation and feedback during scavenger hunt

Find the items below and write and check off : 1.    A leaf on the ground  2.    A twig longer than your thumb 3.    Signs of a spider 4.    An ant hill      5.    Plants in a sidewalk crack   6.    Insects in a sidewalk crack   7.    A bird or signs of a bird   8.    An interesting looking rock   9.    Signs of wind   10. Signs of Spring


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WardC says...
This sounds like a fun way of learning for the students!
17th April 2013 11:57am
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