Project Title: Assault of the Germs
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Assault of the Germs Series

By: devastatingdesigners1

Story:You are a nanorobot who has been inserted into the body to help fight disease. You are a warrior robot and the rest of the robots are command robots in the brain. The command robots orchestrate your mission while you fight the germs! You must not let the disease win!

Objective:You must continue to defeat germs until you are retired from the body.

Lesson:This game is intended to help people learn about different parts of the body and how they are affected by disease. 

[image] nervoussystem

Audience:Intended for people of all ages.

Team Members:Shiva, Travis, and Eric

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devastatingdesigner3 says...
Like a boss... I\'m just sayin\'.
25th May 2013 11:43am
devastatingdesigners1 says...
This game was in the top 15 of games in the Healthivores video game contest.
25th May 2013 9:52am
devestatingdesigner2 says...
These games are challenging yet fun and educational. I would recommend it to anybody of all ages.
29th March 2013 9:19am
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